Game Boy Pocket CleanPower Regulator

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A power regulator worth the money!

This little power regulator was worth buying for a few reasons. The first was the price; it is a very affordable way to add needed power to a GBP for something like a TFT screen. The second is how easy it is to install. The instruction video accompanying it works perfectly. Last, I'd say the end result. It does exactly what it needs to without interfering with any other aspect of the GBP. Buy this if installing any sort of backlit screen in your system!

Joe B
GBP cleanpower

Amazing quality and great replacement for junk oem voltage regulator

Mario Urquilla
Great product

Great replacement for GBP


Good regulator, does exactly what it supposed to and puts out a steady 5V. It is 100% compatible with the Funnyplaying IPS screen and it's feature that lets you control brightness with the contrast wheel. You just need to leave the old regulator in place but snip/remove the pin labeled Vdd, pin 6 on the screen side of the old regulator board. It's the top pin of the group of 3 pins, next to the capacitor and where the top yellow wire is soldered too in the pictures.

Elmer Argueta
Works great

Board was easy to solder for me, however I also lost the contrast functionality.

Jorge Mena
Awesome board!

This board is awesome but I can confirm as well that when you use the funnyplaying and clone IPS screens and even the factory screen you loose the contrast functionality. Handheld legend please let know retro six so they can address that issue.