Game Boy Pocket IPS LCD kit - Unbranded

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Turned out great but

Mod turned out beautiful. Not the same instructions as fun playing as website states. Has OSD menu. Check youtube for correct steps.

A seemingly excellent kit, marred with no installation guide

To the point here. Positive, full screen, beautiful color choices (8), and a very nice pixel count and clarity to the screen. The dual touch sensors to cover the color choice, another for beyond darkest 10 choices of brightness it's amazing.

Negative: Site lists using an existing guide to follow for install. The guide isn't compatible, not even close other than shell milling. DO NOT FOLLOW IT. I almost ruined a kit the amount of times I had to try and figure it out and why it wouldn't even work thinking it was dead. You have to connect a single wire soldering between the board and GBP power switch up top. I'm not sure of the depth of this kit, it appears to have more functions, but I stopped trying to install it in case it would burn me in the end. It may have an optional button combo positional sizing choice menu as I caught a video online by makho with something similar to get this even to work found on youtube.

Buyer beware, find some instructions or don't try it with what's there.

Great screen! Wish I had done this mod sooner!

I've had a GB Pocket sitting around for years with a busted screen. I had meant to get a replacement screen and do a backlight at some point, but discovered IPS. My only gripe is it sucks through batteries very quickly so I recommend installing a rechargeable battery module or keep a lot of rechargeable AAAs handy. The screen is awesome and I've had no issues with the touchpad.