A custom PCB kit designed to fit perfectly inside a Game Gear shell. Runs on a Raspberry Pi and allows you to play thousands of retro games using Retropie. Uses rechargeable lithium batteries which can be recharged via USB-C. Includes safe shut-down and power-off and offers crisp, clear digital audio.

Pre-Soldered ZEGA MAME GEAR Game Gear Raspberry Pi Mod Kit

ZMG Mainboard, ZMG Audio Board, ZMG Power Board, Speaker, 3.2inch LCD
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Created by Zarcade Limited, the Zega Mame Gear is a custom-made drop-in kit that fits perfectly into any Sega Game Gear shell without any modification and no soldering. It runs on a Raspberry Pi 3a+, Zero, Zero 2 and even a CM4 with the optional CM4 adapter, giving you access to thousands of retro games with Retropie. Pre-configured images are available to download so you can enjoy playing without the hassle of setting it up. Powered using one or two lithium batteries and re-charged via USB-C.


  • 4 Front button support
  • Plug and Play
  • External access to USB and SD Card (Optional)
  • Connect to a TV with HDMI out (Optional)
  • Digital Audio
  • Safe shutdown and power-off
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • USB-C Charging
  • Pre-configured images
  • Zega Mame Gear with 3.5" Composite LCD


  • 1x Mainboard 
  • 1x 3.2 inch Serial LCD
  • 1x Digital Audio Board
  • 1x USB-C Powerboard with battery charger, battery level and safe shutdown
  • 1x Speaker
  • 1x 4 wire Mainboard to Power board connector
  • 1x 5 wire Mainboard to Audio board connector
  • 1x Ribbon
  • 1x 3D printed (Resin) Select button pre-soldered to Mainboard
  • 1x HDMI Adapter for Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero 2




  • Mame Gear requires a Raspberry Pi with a header. If you have a Pi with a pre-installed header, no soldering required. If not, you will be required to solder the header to the Pi.
  • Although not required, adding the additional 2 front buttons will open up more games to play on the Zega Mame Gear. Some shell modification is required. You can also purchase a ready drilled shell from the Zega store.
  • With the optional Zega Mame Gear expansion board, you can easily access the SD card and connect a USB device such as a Game Controller
  • PCB color may vary. 
  • Raspberry Pi, shell, buttons, membranes, lens, battery not included.


    • Please ensure you are confident in your soldering ability to attempt this project. Under no circumstances will any refunds/replacements be made if soldering has been attempted.
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    Customer Reviews

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    Game gear hdmi out soldering is loose and uneven.

    Otherwise everything else is satisfactory.

    One of the best Pi handheld kits

    I've been wanting an emulation based Game Gear for a while now, this kit makes it pretty easy to make it yourself. Paired with a Prestige shell, buttons and membranes you don't need anything from an original Game Gear if you don't want to use one. It feels great in the hand, it's a little lighter than a real Game Gear, the screen is good (but not great) and the sound is pretty decent from the speaker, and excellent (but mono) through the headphone jack. I'd recommend using a Pi Zero 2 with it, I tried a 3a and although it works fine it tends to give low voltage warnings that won't happen if you use a Zero.

    The description on the site is a little confusing since it's a copy paste from the Zarcade site and not all options are available from HHL, so let me clarify exactly what you get with the presoldered kit: The Zega Mame Gear board with the 3.2 inch serial screen attached, appears to be a new revision as it has HDMI output and an already soldered in select button to make assembly easier than what you see in the Youtube videos. You get the power and sound boards, the cables to connect them, and a speaker. I also got some small HDMI adapter, I'm not sure if you're supposed to use it internally to connect the Pi output to the Zega HDMI connection, I have no plans to use that anyway.

    What you don't get that you will need are the lipo batteries. It can run off of one or two. Also, it does not include extension harnesses for them, one of my batteries could reach the power board with no issues, the other I cut the cable and soldered extension wires to it. I used some batteries I found on Amazon.

    A couple of pointers on assembly, when the Zega literature says do not run the system while USB charging, they mean it. Charge the batteries with the unit off, unplug before you turn it on. When testing before assembly, don't have the batteries connected. I fried a Pi by turning it on with batteries and the USB cable still connected. Try to keep everything clean, it's really easy to get dust between the lens and the screen. When **** in the mainboard the tightness of the screws affect how the controls feel. Too tight and the dpad doesn't register well and diagonals are difficult. I got finger tight then loosen all the internal screws by a full turn to get it to feel better and register diagonals.

    I've built several portable Raspberry Pis in the past, this kit it is one of the easiest I've built and it made the best finished product. The Game Gear is a big chonky boy compared to modern handhelds, but it's also super comfortable and a joy to play.

    Which Raspberry Pi can i use?


    Best for battery life





    CM4 Adapter required

    Pre-configured image ready to go

    A ready-made image is supplied for every Raspberry Pi variant that is compatible with the Zega Mame Boy Advance (Zero & Zero 2). Simply download the required image and burn it to as SD card (minimum of 32GB). Your Zega Mame Boy Advance will be ready to use with no additional setup required.


    Simply download the image for the Raspberry Pi you will be using & burn to an SD Card. Images are pre-configured for the 3.2" serial LCD, Digital Audio, Safe-shutdown & Power-off and GPIO input


    Min 32GB SD Card


    Min 32GB SD Card


    Min 32GB SD Card


    Pre-checks and setup


    3D Print File

    More Downloads

    Adding a 3.5" Composite LCD will give a larger viewing area & better performance overall (especially when using a Pi Zero) & only requires a small amount of soldering to connect the composite signal wire to the Raspberry Pi and the 5v and GND for the LCD itself.


    Min 16GB SD Card

    4:3 VideoSplash Screen


    Super RetroboyTheme (Blue)


    Super RetroboyTheme (Green)


    Super RetroboyTheme (Red)


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use my own image?

    Technically yes, but you would need to install all the required drivers manually for the LCD, GPIO input and audio output yourself. I do not support 3rd party images. If there are any issues while using your own image, I'm afraid I cannot help. Why not do it the easy way and download my pre-configured image

    Is there any soldering involved?

    The kit comes pre-assembled ready to use if you purchase the pre-soldered version.

    Do you have an installation guide?

    I have added a pre-check and installation guide to theportal.

    Can I use my Game Gear cartridges?

    Unfortunately not. The Zega Mame Gear kit replaces the original game gear PCBs

    Can I use AA batteries?

    No, this kit uses 1 or 2 Lithium batteries than can be supplied with the kit (within the UK), or you can choose to purchase your own

    Buttons are registering intermittantly?

    If you find you are having to press hard to register an input I would recommend cleaning all the buttons contants and membranes with isopropyl alchohol.

    Where can I buy the batteries?

    link coming soon

    Need Help?

    Check out the Zega Mame Gear Portal from Zarcade Limited

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