Game Boy DMG Prestige Shell | IPS Ready Shell

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Julian Cleary

Game Boy DMG Prestige Shell | IPS Ready Shell

W. B.
Behold the Blue Boy

This is a great shell overall for DMG upgrades. My Pearl Blue shell had a small (3/4" inch) square inside the center of the front half that did not get painted, but who cares - it will never be seen. The inclusion of a painted connector cover and fresh screws are an appreciated touch. I think the included screws work better for securing the inner PCBs than they do for shell itself; the two middle outer screw posts seemed to be punched out too large, so the included screws just spun without tightening, so I replaced them with OEM shell screws. Otherwise, the feel is sturdy and a near-identical replacement for the OEM shell. Combined with a blue screen lens, some 2-part buttons, and a new LCD, I am really happy with the finished product.

Jerry Pruitt
Great Quality

Looks & feels great! No complaints!

Matt Grimaldi
Dmg01 dhells

The clear and transparent black look nice so far.

Kelvin Zambrana
DMG looking fresh!

This shell was very easy to install and the quality is top notch!

Travis Hinchey
Super easy install with a big difference

Do I need to play Gameboy games on a DMG in the dark? No. Can I? Yes.