Game Boy Advance IPS Backlight - Cloud Version

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came quick but....

got everything hooked up and the light for the screen came on but the screen didnt, i tried it again and again, but it wouldnt work

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

LuAnn Paz
Great screen

Beautiful screen on a game boy advance that I could only dream of having a back lot screen on a game boy advance when I was little! Was easy to install and it looks great when playing!

Sheena Smith

Game Boy Advance IPS Backlight - Cloud Version

GBA IPS backlight - cloud version

This was my first attempt at modding anything, and couldn’t be happier with the results. Installation was very simple and just requires a little patience. The difference between the factory screen and the cloud screen is night and day. Thank you Handheld Legend!

Hugo Muratalla
Really great would like some instructions

Great screen with good clarity and sharpness. Easy install and works like a charm.

Kenneth Mendenhall, II
Screen looks great- still struggling with brightness adjustment

The screen itself looks great, and installation was not that difficult. The kit includes two small plastic spacers that provide the vertical placement of the screen, and the screen butts against the left side of the shell to provide the horizontal placement. This perfectly centers it with the stock lens. The colors do appear rather cool in the Gameboy Advance screen that shows without a cartridge, but it isn't noticeable in games. The only complaint I have at this time is with the brightness adjustment. I found that the brightness right out of the box is sufficient without bridging the two solder points to increase the brightness, so I won't be doing that. However, I can't quite get the touch sensor placed correctly so the brightness doesn't randomly cycle. I have taped it to the shell and placed some plastic between the sensor and the ribbon cable, but it still cycles. I'll keep working at it, though, because the brightest setting is pretty bright, and I want to be able to play in the dark without straining my eyes.

The first screen I received was cracked, but Handheld Legend sent me a replacement at no charge even though I technically didn't follow their testing procedures. To avoid this yourself, connect all the ribbon cables and splay the motherboard and screen out on your table with the screen facing down. Lay the back of the shell on the motherboard, insert your batteries, and carefully turn everything over. This will allow you to turn on the Gameboy and test the screen without laying it in the shell.