Game Boy Advance IPS Backlight - Cloud Version

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Screen isn't as bright as I thought it would be.

Nice mod drops in pretty easy but the screen seems dim.

Great screen, very tough installation

The screen quality is excellent, just like the IPS v2. This particular screen DESPERATELY needs a better alignment tool though. It is nearly impossible to get this thing properly aligned with only the 2 acrylic spacers provided. I had to cut some extra plastic to make additional spacers. PLEASE make a 3D printed aligner for this particular display. It especially needs the left and top spaced to avoid shifting.

Also, I felt the shell needed modification for installing. Most unmodified aftermarket shells come with the raised aligner edge (pictured) in the inside of the face shell. You need to trim these down in order for this particular screen to install flush. Centering requires the screen be pushed right against the right edge of the interior. You can't do that cleanly without the trim. The window itself does not need to be trimmed, but the interior still does.

I think this screen just needs a little more time on the market before it has the troubleshooting figured out.

Notea: It may just be user error. I may be overlooking something and made some serious mistakes. Time will tell!

Pretty good screen with no soldering!

Skeptical since there are no reviews yet but it worked perfectly! Just make sure the screen is dropped down to the bottom right of the screen opening from the back view. The screen brightness sensor was a little tricky to get it in the right position but it works!