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Andrew C.
Close but No Cigar

I took a chance and ordered a few of these Prestige Shells. All of them have been terrible to work in. Every single one of these shells that claim to be IPS ready require more trimming to the screw posts in addition to "breaking the tabs" that is listed on the product page. If you only snip the "tabs" your screen will always be shifted to the left when looking at it from the front of the GBP.

Additionally, the hardware provided is VERY cheap. If you're lucky you can get the system back together without stripping the screw heads and even if you manage that the center screws on either side of the GBP shell are not long enough to securely connect with the screw posts. I was only able to get 2 of the screws to secure on these center side posts out of the 6 across 3 shells.

On top of this, the battery compartment is terrible. You have to take additional time to align batteries because there is nothing keeping them from slotting in at an angle. I get this is for future battery mods Retro Six is coming out with but 2 default alignment "tabs" that can be "broken off" to help with AAA battery alignment would have been great.

Lastly, the battery cover is bad. It doesn't have the proper indentation for a proper OEM sticker. It DOES have an indentation but it's not OEM-like at all being that its nearly a square instead of a long rectangle. Giving the product a 2 star rating because the thickness of the plastics and the general concept is there but this is by no means a premium product.

I also want to point out that HHL does not offer alignment brackets for IPS screens like other vendors do and if you misalign your screen and you're using the provided 3M double-sided mess you will likely break your thin IPS panel when attempting to reposition. Gross.

Mr Steal Yo Pokemon
Matte Black Pocket Shell

A friend of mine wanted me to put together a custom GBP for him. He went with matte black with yellow buttons. The smooth finish of this shell compliments the vibrant buttons from Handheld Legend. These parts are awesome.

Rich L
Great shell!

Great shell — well constructed, no tolerance issues, great color and texture (flat black). No issues seating the FP IPS display.



Great shell.

Pairs nicely with the prestige shell. You have to make your own threads with the screws provided (or your own screws). Use a larger, long neck Phillips head screwdriver to cut new threads.

Joseph Hickman
Slime green all the way

Bought the slime green bc it looks great and also so I can slip the rechargeable battery in it without the hassle of trimming the shell. No problems with the shell so far!

I did a video of the reshell and ips install on my YouTube channel. YouTube video placeholder