Game Boy Pocket Prestige Shell | Housing

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Prestige Shell

I ordered this shell for a restoration and future rebuild project. After reassembling my GB Pocket with this shell, I found that two of the supplied screws do not fit the housing shell. The top two near the cartridge port fit great, as do the bottom two inside the battery compartment; the screws in the center of the shell, on either side of the silver sticker, would not thread into the shell at all. I’m very happy with the aesthetic and feel of the case, but disappointed that all the screw holes are not designed to work with the provided self threading screws.

Matthew Terrell

Game Boy Pocket Prestige Shell | Housing

Carlos J Reyes
IPS + Clean Juice

I paired with the RIPS V5 and the CLEAN JUICE XL.
Worked very well, I’m not of the fan of “for” written on the case. Overall, happy with the purchase.

Bart De la Cueva
The battery cover doesn't fit well

The battery cover is slightly smaller than the original. Doesn't fit well in the prestige shell. It moves.

Scott Carr
Questionable quality with poor attention to detail

The screws strip the plastic easily and because the case doesn't fit together very well this is even easier to do. I couldn't get the right side to sit flush and the screws on that side wouldn't seat.

I'm sorry to hear of your issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

GBP shell

i think for the price it is a solid shell, does what you need it to do.