CleanJuice Game Gear Rechargeable USB-C Battery Module

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easy install, excellent results

this kit is amazing. Install took me about 15 minutes, no soldering required, no component removal (unless you count the battery prongs) and it just works. Wonderfully. I could not have asked for anything more. Thanks.

Great Part-

Easy replacement for the OEM stuff. I definitely reccomend it, as it will save you alot of money in batteries. If you are using the origonal shell, you may have to add a hole to the inside of the battery compartment just for wire routing.

Timothy L.
GG Clean Juice is Great!

I think the GG Clean Juice is an absolute must. This is a great kit and I love not having to deal with the 6 AAs anymore. The only reason I'm giving this a 4 and not a 5 star is that it was not plug and play with my GG. Some GG models have a connector that does not fit into the Clean Juice out of the box. I had to trim away all of the plastic around the Clean Juice connector and then I got it to fit. Hopefully there will be some updated images/instructions on this soon but HH was very responsive and I'm still incredibly happy with this upgrade!

Good power mod but!!

Ok so this is an amazing mod as far as features and the power goes and especially the USB C charging and the new battery packs. Here is the but, my Game Gear model is a VA5 which unfortunately has a different connector for power internally then the connector that is on the board. I was able to desolder and attach each pin individually to the board and was able to make that work with now issue pretty much the main issue is the connector that Retrosix/Handheldlegend supplys is different which makes it now work out of the box. So make sure your model is correct before buying. Thankfully like I said my modification worked but I wouldn't want other to have to do that. As you can see from my pictures the connector will connect to the pins but won't click in because the connect going from the Game Gear mainboard to the Cleanjuice is different then what is supplied on the Cleanjuice. I am giving this a 3 our of 5 due the work I had to put in to make it work correctly.

better battery life

Hated running through AA batteries but now it is much more convenient

Reinaldo Silva
Have to get mod!!!

This is by far the first mod anyone should do on their game gear and it is very easy. Highly recommend and I love it