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Upgrade your Game Gear from AA batteries to a drop-in USB-C module with dual rechargeable battery packs. Designed and tested in the UK by a reputable modder and builder, the RetroSix CleanJuice for Game Gear is the ultimate upgrade to your console.


  • Adds 22.2 watt hours of power to give you upwards of 13 hours of game time!
  • Charge at any time using a regular USB-C cable.
  • Includes 3D printed spacer, apply this after installation.
  • USB-C charging (cooler 36C charging at full power)
  • Fused outputs on all rails (USB, 5V, 34V, VSYS)
  • Low battery trigger (flashing red LED on low battery)
  • Delayed VREF (to allow EverDrive or mods to power up before GG)
  • Delayed 5V to allow VREF to control GG before providing 5V
  • Adjustable 4.5 to 5.5V for stabalising GG operation
  • 34V Toggle Switch
  • VREF Bypass Switch (to test GG VREF circuit faults)
  • Discharge 5V rail resistors (if GG discharge circuit is bad)
  • Ultra low noise 5V rail (<10mV ripple under full load)
  • Battery Test LED
  • System Voltage Rail LEDs


    • 1x Sega Game Gear CleanJuice USB-C PCB
    • 1x Rechargeable battery with JST 2 POS CON and 7cm cable
    • 1x Rechargeable battery with JST 2 POS CON and 33cm cable
    • 1x Spacer



    • Remove the old power board and insert the new CleanJuice power board.
    • Insert both batteries into the AA battery compartments and feed the wires through.
    • Connect the batteries to the CleanJuice board in any order (Connector only fits in one way). 
    • The battery with the longer cable should be placed in the compartment that is further away from the CleanJuice board. Refer to the product images to see the setup.
    • If you're using a regular / OEM Game Gear shell you will have to trim the battery compartment stumps to fit the batteries in the battery compartments. 
    • If you're using a RetroSix shell there is not need for modification.
    • Put the battery covers back on the console and you're ready to go.
    • Fully charge the CleanJuice and enjoy over 13 hours of battery life with the CleanScreen and CleanAmp mods installed.
    • Compatible with all Game Gear versions. Trimming may be required to plug in to VA4/VA5 units. See photos for where to trim if the connector does not fit.
    • Board has two LED's - USB and CHARGE. 
    • The tiny switch located on the&nbsp;middle right of the board should be positioned to the left in order to enable the 34V for an original LCD. Otherwise it should be positioned to the right for any modern LCD kit, including CleanScreen series.



    Light Indicator Key:

    • If the USB labeled light on the board is on, this means the USB cable is providing power to the system. This also means you can power your console from the USB without draining the battery - plug and play option.
    • If the CHG labeled light on the board is on, this means the USB is charging the battery. When it goes off, the battery is fully charged.
    • Both indicator lights will be on when module is charging. When module is fully charged, only the USB light will remain.
    • If you connect a USB cable and the USB light does not turn on, your cable or power supply are faulty.


    Risk of fire if improperly charged or if battery is punctured. Only use protected power sources along with power delivery (PD) compliant cables and chargers. Using uncertified hardware may result in more than 5v being delivered to your CleanJuice product. Damage caused by unsupported hardware voids our return/exchange policy.

    Examples of supported chargers:

    • Nintendo Switch charger
    • MacBook Pro type C charger
    • Samsung type C charger
    • Google Pixel charger
    • USB A to USB C cable (certified only!)

    Risk of fire is also possible if PCB is used with AA batteries or battery packs are inserted backwards.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 56 reviews
      Chris Connor
      Game Gear Rechargeable USB-C Review

      I ordered this item and it came with a broken piece, the company sent out another without hesitation. The mod works great. My only real complaint is the the batteries bulge the battery compartment doors a tad. But overall a solid upgrade.

      Keith Stone
      Everything works great But...

      I got this power board with some other items. Installation was straight forward and simple. I powered it up and it worked great on my V0 Gamegear. I've played about 6 hours without having to charge so far. Nice product. But.. it was missing the 3D printed USB-C cover... I don't suppose there's any chance of getting one mailed to me?

      Avi Edrei
      great product but they forgot to send one (not critical) part

      The battery pack and the charging port works like charm, the only downside is that they didn’t sent me the type-c charging port plastic enclosure

      Jason Harvey
      Plug was backwards on the board

      After I installed this board my Game Gear would not power up. I thought it was because the cable connecting the motherboard to the Clean Juice board wasn't seated all the way, since it was a very tight fit and the plastic on the Clean Juice socket seemed warped.
      So I removed all the white plastic around the pins on the board but when I plugged it in the way it was meant to be, it still wouldn't power up. Then I decided to turn the motherboard cable around and plug it into the Clean Juice board backwards.
      Lo and behold it worked!
      So whoever installed the outlet on the Clean Juice board, soldered it on backwards.

      I removed 2 stars. The board works beautifully now, but only because I had to do a lot of modifying of my own.

      Thanks for your feedback! We haven't heard of this issue before, but we will pass this information off to the supplier for their review.

      Way better than AA batteries

      The package is easy to install and works quite well. Taking off one star because the power cable from the motherboard to the clean juice board is not an exact fit. I thought I had it seated completely but would only get a blank screen when powering on. After a quick search, found this is common with this mod on some Game Gear revisions. Some people had to remove the plastic around the power connector on the clean juice board. Fortunately, I just had to wiggle mine in a bit to get it properly seated.

      game changer

      This mod is incredible! It Takes the game gears main weaknesses and throws them rite in the trash "AKA" eBay, with the old power board and piles of dead batteries and brings your console into the 21st century. just charge it like your cellphone and game for hours and hours! love it

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